Top shop store

 The “my shop” online store owned by Mr. “Khaled Alrawaeli” is very popular on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Snap. It has thousands of followers from all over the world, due to the quality of the goods it offers and the wide variety of products they carry.

"My Shop", launched in 2020, is concerned with selling previously new bags, shoes, bags, makeup, accessories and luxury clothes for women, men and children. Their modern designs, great customer service and fair prices makes them an ideal place to shop. The designs are from international brands that are known globally. The website has all the important items and descriptions for customers to look at. Additional items like mobile device apps, accessories and others will be added in the near future. They look forward to satisfying all customers equally and all segments of society inside and outside the Kingdom.

With a strong customer support team, they listened to customer and industry requests and grew organically and responsively. Finding the appropriate products is often challenging. That’s why the official website is extremely easy for customers to navigate, with dedicated pages. Their mission have never wavered. They strive to offer strong, quality products that address bed problems or needs and are backed by exceptional customer service. If further information is needed, BedClaw is happy to provide help via the contact page. A superb support team is always on stand-by and willing to go above and beyond in supporting customers’ needs.

After the great success achieved by the store, the owner, Mr. Khaled Al-Kwakibi, pointed out that the plan today will be to officially launch during this year based on the goal of selling and importing goods from Turkey, with the new expansion of the scope of work to satisfy all customers equally.